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Our Team

Cynthia Paschke,

MEd, Sr. PWS, Principal

Alexander Kozak

Project Scientist

Melia DeJongh

Staff Scientist

Our Culture

We are a power-packed group that loves what we do. We love what we do because we help developers and landowners navigate the complex world we live in. We have well over 30 years in this field, and we stay up to date on federal, state, county and local requirements as to land use. We help our clients, whether they are developing land for residential, commercial, or industrial use, avoid hefty fines if they were to start building on land that may be considered wetlands by the US Army Corps of Engineers. When we see them avoid fines, potential criminal penalties and even imprisonment (yes, it's happened!), we know we are doing our job and helping not just our clients but also our other customers...wildlife that depend on our contribution in conserving land that they frequent and live on. It's a win-win all around.

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